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Getting Adventurous
I finally upgraded my Kodi and using Xenon 18.4 for Leia.
Playing around with the main menu so that now I can click directly on new menu options of "My Shows" and "My Movies" without having to go to "Library" then dropping down into the sub menu to choose TV or Movies. Just saves me a step as I use the TV Library 99.9% of the time
I can also now back up my library of 40 TV shows and load it into any updated build. It's immediate without having to wait for it to rebuild the Library which normally took an insanely long time. I also save my "marked as watched" shows so I can take up right where I left off with the old build.
It's a bit of a technical technique which I can share when I get my own video tutorials going.
Using Kodi 18.4 with a Diggz Build (Xenon version 19.8.4)
On a Windows 7 PC and an Android 5 (Lollypop) MyGica 1900 Pro Box
I have been using computers since 1985 and I am am a rookie php coder

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