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The Chef is in the kitchen
This area of the forums is for all the fans of Chef Diggz.
Chef Diggz puts a lot of time and effort into designing builds as a hobby. His builds are well maintained and up to date with what is happening in the wonderful world of Kodi.
Complaints are understandable but please keep in mind Chef Diggz is donating his creations, you aren't "purchasing" them.
This website is in no way affiliated with Chef Diggz (I doubt he even knows it exists yet). I just personally appreciate his work and have been using his build since I began using Kodi. I have a fair bit of knowledge from that use and by watching many YouTube videos on customizing his builds.
I can't answer all your questions, but I will try my best and hopefully other users can fill in the blanks.

To install a Chef Diggz build, you will need to first install his Wizard as a third party Program Addon.
There is one Wizard for Kodi Krypton and another for Kodi Leia.
More details will be found in the forums for either version.
Using Kodi 18.4 with a Diggz Build (Xenon version 19.8.4)
On a Windows 7 PC and an Android 5 (Lollypop) MyGica 1900 Pro Box
I have been using computers since 1985 and I am am a rookie php coder

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