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Gotta love YouTube
Next to email, YouTube has to be the greatest thing about the internet.
Any time I have a question, I go to YouTube.
So far it has helped me;
Change the headlight in my truck.
Cook in my Instant Pot.
Learn PHP and CSS coding for website development.
Learn how to use Kodi.
Take apart my PS3 and PS3 controller.
See PS3 games in action before buying them.
Learn the best way to do edging when painting a room.
Learn the best way to drywall a hole in my wall.
Scare me with quotes from Donald Trump.
Keep me laughing.
And much more!

Of course there is a lot of "BS" on YouTube but I have common sense so I'm not going to believe Aliens program my brain while I'm sleeping.  Crazy
However, that would explain some things.......
Using Kodi 18.5 with the Midas Build 1.03
on an Android Box with a 1080p TV and a Windows PC

Streaming with Kodi since early 2017

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