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I loved Netflix when I had it. Lots of content even though there are restrictions based on your geographical location. I know a VPN helps, but I did read somewhere that Netflix is trying to stop that.
So sad how aggressive they have to be to prevent us access to everything they offer. The Internet is "supposed" to be the World Wide Web and should NOT contain "borders". I see the Internet as the world's repository (or library if you like) that should be accessible to any and all.
Of course, now I use Kodi so I no longer pay for Netflix. It's not because I am cheap, it's because I don't need two sources for the same content.
I still miss the good old days when you went to the video store and rented a movie. It was a thrill like going out for ice cream. Even better at some stores that had free fresh popcorn while you browsed. lol
Using Kodi 18.5 with the Midas Build 1.03
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