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Streaming with your Internet
A note about Internet speed.

To watch streaming video, the following speeds of your Internet connection are recommended:
3 mb/s - 5 mb/s for basic SD (Standard Definition 480p) video
5 mb/s- 10 mb/s for 720p HD (High Definition best for 42" and smaller displays, good for larger displays)
10 mb/s - 25mb/s for 1080p HD (High Definition best for displays larger than 42" and live streaming)
25mb/s and over for 4k videos

Of course this is not a guarantee that you will get a 1080p video if you are running above 10mb/s.
It also depends on finding the video source recorded at 1080p and the speed of the server where the video is coming from. if the source server is over-loaded with people viewing videos, that server will run slower creating buffering problems. TV shows are also harder to find in 1080p than movies.
4K sources are really hard to find. The higher the resolution, the bigger the file which is more problematic for those storing the videos.

Keep in mind these are recommended speeds of your internet connection from your viewing device, not the actual connection to your internet provider.
You may be paying for a 5 mb/s service, but getting less on your device if using wifi. Obstacle interference (like walls) and signal interference (like your neighbors wifi) could slow you down. You may also have bad cables or a poor modem. It's best to run a speed tester directly from your device to make sure you know what speed you are actually running at.
Just do a Google search for internet speed test or check your app store.
Also be careful that your provider isn't using a limitation cap. It you don't have "unlimited downloads", you could max out your internet service by streaming a lot of videos. You don't want a HUGE unexpected bill from your internet provider. Streaming is still "technically" downloading, but it isn't saved after viewing.
Using Kodi 18.5 with the Midas Build 1.01
on an Android Box with a 1080p TV and a Windows PC

Streaming with Kodi since early 2017

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