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New Anime Add-on
Every now and then a new add-on enters the Kodi universe. Sometimes they are unique, and sometimes they are basically "same shit different pile". I like to preview any that catch my eye.
Being a bit of an Anime fan, I previewed a new add-on still in Beta called Kaito. It looks like an add-on worth mentioning.
Here is a brief explanation by the developer:

Features of Kaito:
  • Scrapes Nyaa. (Requires a Debrid service)
  • Netflix-like behavior. Kaito automatically creates playlists of shows that you select by default. (Credits: Nixgates/Seren)
  • Play Next Episode dialog which provides a Netflix-style prompt asking if you would like to continue to the next episode. (Credits: Nixgates/Seren)
  • Pre-emptive Termination, Source select. (Credits: Nixgates/Seren)
  • Skip Intro dialog which provides a prompt allowing you to skip the anime opening/intro.
  • View your anime lists from AniList/Kitsu/MyAnimeList.
  • Automatic episode tracking to Anilist, Kitsu, or MyAnimeList
  • Airing Anime Calendar
Kaito is best used with a Debrid service (Real-Debrid/All Debrid), but users who do not have a Debrid service can still use the addon, since the addon has a couple of providers that don't require those services. *Note: Not absolute that addon will find sources.
Current To Do List:
  • Add Premiumize support (need account)
  • Episode tracking to Simkl
  • Episode tracking to Trakt
How to install:
  • Go to the Kodi file manager.
  • Click on "Add source"
  • The path for the source is (Give it a name like "anime").
  • Go to "Addons"
  • In Addons, install an addon from zip. When it asks for the location, select "anime", and install repository.swagotaku-*.zip
  • Go back to Addons install, but this time, select "Install from repository"
  • Select the "SwagOtaku Repo"
  • Go into the "Video add-ons" section in the repo, and you'll find the Kaito addon
  • Install Context menu addon. Follow instructions above but where you picked "SwagOtaku Repo" and then "Video add-ons". This time go "SwagOtaku Repo" > "Context menus". This will give you much more options when you pull up context menu on Kaito items.
If you encounter an issue with the addon, submit an issue on the Github:
Using Kodi 18.8 with the Daemon Build 1.13 and Real Debrid
on an Nvidia Shield Pro with a 1080p 55" TV

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