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Android Box Reviews
Trying to find a good Android box to use Kodi can be a bit confusing with all the mass produced stuff coming from China.
I started with a Windows PC to first learn Kodi.

MyGica (
Once I knew what Kodi could do, I purchased a MyGica box from Amazon
It was a great box, with an awesome remote but didn't stand the test of time. I couldn't update the operating system so I was stuck at Android 5. Even though it was sold as a 64 Bit device, I could only install the 32 bit version of Kodi.
It wasn't good for my blood pressure as I spent a lot of time waiting and waiting and waiting for things to load.
I got good use out of it for 4 years, but when the remote failed to turn on the box I had enough and moved on.

Pendoo X10
I grabbed a Pendoo box off Amazon to use in my office so when I worked on builds I could have the extra box to beta test new versions of what I was working on. I also wanted a backup in case my main box failed and left me without TV. Since I cut my cable long ago, Kodi is my only source of content to watch my TV, unless I pull out the old rabbit ears to get one channel.
I did not like this thing at all. The video looked crude and it seemed slower than the MyGica box.
If you look deeper into it, there are a ton of boxes made in China that are basically all the same but with different names on them.

Nvidia Shield
I've always wanted to get one of these as I've heard nothing but great things about it.
I considered these points;
1. Nvidia specializes in video for hard core gaming, so you know their product is a few steps above anyone else.
2. The Shield upgrades their operating system as needed so you have something that stays current.
3. Even though the it's the most expensive Android device for Kodi, I have saved around $4,800 in the last 4 years after cutting my cable. It made no sense to cheap out on the device I was using.
I ordered my Nvidia Shield Pro from Amazon, plugged it in and had multiple orgasms. The video quality is awesome, the speed is awesome and remote control is awesome. I can use the one simple remote to control both Shield and my TV. It's like using a smart TV instead of a TV with an external device.
Take it from a very frugal guy, it's not worth dealing with inferior devices if you cut your cable and only use Kodi for your TV.
You don't need the Pro version as the cheaper Shield TV is still a great option. I only went for the Pro because I am into everything Kodi right now and want to keep my options open for the extra features of the Pro version.
Using Kodi can get a bit frustrating but using an inferior device only multiplies your frustrations.
Using Kodi 18.8 with the Daemon Build 1.12 and Real Debrid
on an Nvidia Shield Pro with a 1080p 55" TV

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