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My experience
I started using Kodi on a Windows 7 PC and I currently still use it to create builds and add-ons. I also use it to check out other builds and experiment with new add-ons. It's much easier manipulating Kodi files using the Windows file explorer.

After I learned how to use Kodi, I purchased an Android box from Amazon. The box itself was awesome, but lacked the ability to be upgraded so I was stuck with the Android 5 operating system. It also started doing weird things lately.

Recently, I got my hands on the ultimate device which is an Android TV Nvidia Shield Pro. Nvidia has a less expensive version which is the Shield TV, but since Kodi is my hobby and my leisure I decided to go all in.
Their is a LOT I love about this device, but the biggest is it's speed. I have spent countless hours waiting for Kodi to do things and if I wasn't a patient man I would have lost my mind by now. Although, many would argue I lost my mind a long time ago.

I also purchased a generic android box (the Pendoo X10 max) off Amazon about a year ago and basically flushed that money on a crappy box. Don't waste your money like I did.

I cut my cable and cancelled Netflix 4 years ago so Kodi is my every day entertainment.
Using Kodi 18.8 with the Daemon Build 1.12
on an Nvidia Shield Pro with a 1080p 55" Samsung TV
Streaming with Kodi since early 2017

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