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Compass Video/Audio Add-on
The Compass Add-on is now available in my Repository version 1.2
Some of you may catch the implied theme using "Compass" with "Daemon". Wink

The content includes:
- TV Shows
- Movies
- Sports Streams
- Music Videos
- IPTV Live Streams
- Kids & Family: TV shows, Movies, Live TV, Cartoons, and ANIME (English Dubbed)
Compass is "Family Friendly" but I can't control content such as overly violent Anime so always be aware of what your children are watching.

It's packed with content and uses the Universal Scrapers and the YouTube Add-on for finding sources. It also uses ResolveURL for Premium services like Real-Debrid. I pull directories from different on-line sites including, Animetoon, lastfm, and YouTube.

This is an add-on template, so basically I create the links and the menu while the actual functions are performed by the template.
The template was also created for Kodi Leia only. I hope to get an updated template for Kodi 19 before it's released so I can make my Add-on compatible.

Missing from the Add-on is an "Add to Library" option in the Context Menu. I am hoping this feature becomes available for the template at some point in the near future. As an option, if you find a TV Show or Movie in Compass that you want to add to your Kodi Library, you can use the Context Menu and choose "Extended Info". This will launch the OpenInfo EIM which includes a save to Library option. When you exit, it will return back to Compass.

The add-on is intended as a new feature of my Daemon Build, but will run independently of my build. You can even go really bare bones and just use Compass in a fresh install of Kodi to watch it's content. However, I always recommend users to have at least 3 different video add-ons in their Kodi because different add-ons give different results.

This Add-on will be included in the future release of the Daemond Build version 1.12
Using Kodi 18.8 with the Daemon Build 1.12 and Real Debrid
on an Nvidia Shield Pro with a 1080p 55" TV
Shortly after I completed my add-on we had 2 streaming services break.
I sourced some new ones and cloned a working version of Swiftstreamz as Compass Streamz.
I installed a Fluxus list of live channels and in the process of cleaning it up. It's the only one that allows customized links so I will be looking for source lists to improve the selection.

I've also reworked the graphics for Compass. The original ones bugged me for some reason so I redid the set. They are also now hosted on my server instead of being included in the add-on files. This saves some space on your devices and allows me to make small changes without pushing update versions.

A Documentary section is new in Compass.

The Sports section is also enhanced with the new lives streaming services. Although it's hard to work on since there is very little going on in the world of sports.
I've also added a Sports Movies link and a Sports Documentaries Link.

Compass 1.13 is available for download from my repo or you can wait until I push out Daemon 1.12 with Compass installed. I'm still exploring new ideas for add-ons so I am thinking maybe August 1st for a build update. It's still a work in process.
Using Kodi 18.8 with the Daemon Build 1.12 and Real Debrid
on an Nvidia Shield Pro with a 1080p 55" TV
The current version of Compass is now 1.3.1

I noticed when installed in a fresh install of Kodi, the Documentary section didn't play. I had to add a line into the dependencies to install the required fix. This isn't an issue in Daemon as that specific dependency is already installed by other add-ons.
I also modified the name to Compass AIO to identify it as an All-In-One add-on. I tossed everything but the kitchen sink into this sucker.
The only thing I couldn't get working was the Anime section. It was working at one time but looks like the source website it pulled from, changed it's coding so it no longer works. I've been trying some work-arounds but can't get it to work. Not a big deal as I couldn't have a listing as good as WatchNixToons2 which is currently top dog for Anime.

The newest version of Compass will also be included and integrated into the Daemon Build version 1.12, scheduled to release around Aug 1st.
Using Kodi 18.8 with the Daemon Build 1.12 and Real Debrid
on an Nvidia Shield Pro with a 1080p 55" TV

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