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Secret Adult Content
The Daemon Build is installed as "Family Friendly" but it does contain an "Adult" (aka Porn) hidden and LOCKED section.

To access the Adult section:

Click on "Extras" from the main menu.
Inside you will find "Daemon Archives" in red. When you click on it, it will ask you for a password.
Type in the word: adult
Click done and you will get the Adult content menu.

The first option takes you to the Video Add-ons.
The Mirror is a standard add-on that is part of the build and has a hidden Adult section of it's own. The other add-ons are strictly Adult content and not preinstalled with the rest of the build. When you click on them you will be asked to install them. Once installed they will stay installed and accessible to anyone going into the list of installed Video Add-ons via the sub-menu "Add-ons" from the System screen. Just be aware of that if you have curious kids.

The second option shows you how to unlock the Adult content in other standard preinstalled video add-ons.
Read the password shown in green, then click on the link which will take you to that video add-on's configuration section where you enter the password. Once entered, the adult section of that add-on will be permanently unlocked and will be accessible to anyone browsing that add-on.

Removing the Password Protection OR Remove the entire Adult option:

Click on "Extras" from the main menu.
Inside you will find "Daemon Archives" in red. Highlight it and activate the Context Menu. If you don't know how to do that, see my guide:
From the Context menu, choose "Edit Super Folder". This will ask you for the password. Type in the word: adult
Another menu will appear allowing you to completely "Remove Super Folder", "Rename Super Folder" or "Remove lock".
If you Remove the lock, it deletes the password and will never ask you for it again.

If you Remove the folder, it will be erased completely from the build.

Please Note:
Installing any future updates to this build will reset the build so any of the above changes you make will need to be redone. Kodi currently does not have a process to easily do small updates. When you "update" the build, you are really deleting your build and installing a new version. Yes, sometimes progress sucks but I only do it to improve the build.
Using Kodi 18.7 with the Daemon Build 1.11
on an Android Box with a 1080p TV and a Windows PC

Streaming with Kodi since early 2017

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