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Inside the Repository
The G-Man Repo contains my projects as well as any add-ons I have within my builds which don't have their own repositories.
Occasionally, a developer of an add-on will retire and take their repository down. However, the add-on can still function as is, so iif you have a copy of the add-on you can still use it. I have a couple of those in my builds so I keep them in my own repository.
Not all add-ons in the Repo are by me, but all my add-ons are in the Repo.
I am also making an attempt at creating my own add-on which will be hosted in my repository. It may take a while as I am picky about what I think should be in the add-on and it's going to take me a while to figure it all out.

My Builds
The repo does not directly contain my builds, it contains the G-Man Wizard Program Add-on which you can download and install from the repository after the repository has been installed into your Kodi. The G-Man Wizard will automatically run after you install it and will then allow you to download and install one of my Builds. The Wizard will continue to run with my build to help you maintain it and install any future updates to the build.

Installing the Repo
You can install the G-Man Repository zip file by typing into your File Manager the URL: http://streamingave/gman
Using Kodi 18.7 with the Daemon Build 1.11
on an Android Box with a 1080p TV and a Windows PC

Streaming with Kodi since early 2017

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