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Good Builds
There are several good builds out there for you to play with if my builds don't turn your crank.

Diggz builds are well designed and I used his Xenon build for two years before creating my own. His work inspired me and I used the same Xonfluence skin that he was using, just because I was familiar with it. He now has an assortment of builds.
Install his Wizard from the repo:

Reddit's Addons4Kodi recommends the Reaper Builds. There are a variety to choose from.
Install his Wizard from the repo:

The Crew Repo includes all kinds of Builds.
Install their Wizard from the repo:

Xanax is a popular build using the old Xonfluence skin, although I can't personally recommend it.

Remember, these builds are noting more than skins and add-ons. You can remove or add any add-ons you want. You can also change the menus and display settings to your own tastes. Just keep in mind, when you do an update, all your modifications will get wiped out and you will need to re-mod the update.

You can create your own build, just by installing your own video add-ons. New skins can be installed directly from Kodi. Just go into the skin settings and set up your menu options and you have your own custom build.
Using Kodi 18.7 with the Daemon Build 1.11
on an Android Box with a 1080p TV and a Windows PC

Streaming with Kodi since early 2017

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