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Malicious script warning
Just a warning about a malicious script you can get while installing an add-in.

If you install anything from TVADDONS you have a potential issue.
These idiots have developed a script that installs an altered URLResolver plus an add-on called Indigo along with whatever add-on created by them you are trying to get.
After this is installed it kills The Crew add-on and it's Repository. You can try reinstalling The Crew, but it will get nuked immediately. If you try to uninstall Indigo, it will reinstall itself preventing you from changing it.

This happened to me while trying to install an add-on for music videos. I had to shut down my Kodi and manually remove all the files of Indigo, URLResolver and the repository it came from. I also had another add-on from TVADDONS that wasn't a problem but I deleted it anyway. I don't want anything from these evil, malicious bastards.   Angry

I do have a work-around in my repository now called "Fuck Indigo". It's a Program add-on that prevents this script from working when you restart your Kodi. It's available from the Crew repository but hard to install it after this script disables the Crew repo so I copied it to mine.
Users on line have said if you install and older version of URLResolver and remove Indigo it should fix the issue.
If you are using my build, it is clean and safe from this Indigovid virus. I use a version of URLResolver that is safe.

Please do not support anyone on YouTube suggesting you install anything associated to TVADDONS  Club
Using Kodi 18.8 with the Daemon Build 1.12 and Real Debrid
on an Nvidia Shield Pro with a 1080p 55" TV

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