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If you like the Openmeta add-on like I do, you should know that the add-on isn't being supported. It still works but the developer hasn't issued any new updates and it is believed the add-on has been abandon.
I still use it and it seems to still be working for now. However it could fail at some point and will definitely die when we move to Kodi 19 as it will not be compatible with the source code.

Fortunately, we have "TheMovieDB Helper" add-on. This add-on does the same thing as Openmeta and is being supported/updated.
The add-on is in the Kodi Add-on Repository but the version is old and doesn't do the job. To get it you need to download the zip file from the developer's Github location:

The Extended Info Mod from Openinfo isn't being supported either and I haven't found anything new that replaces it, yet.
Using Kodi 18.7 with the Daemon Build 1.11
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