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Daemon for Kodi Leia 18.x
You can install the Daemon Build by using the Wizard inside the G-Man Repo which you can install from the Kodi File Manager using the URL:
Full detailed instructions are available here:

Originally released as version 1.01 Daemon was created for Kodi 18.x Leia as a Build that will become compatible for Kodi 19 Matrix.
The current version is not compatible with Kodi Matrix, but has the source files I will need to upgrade it. My previous build (Midas) unfortunately looks like those source files won't be available. Fortunately, I find Daemon far superior to Midas.

Daemon only has a single version. I was able to incorporate the "Adult" content into an obscure area that is locked from the eyes of curious children. Daemon is 100% family oriented.
If you are into the erotic content, the adult content can be installed and accessed from the main menu. Click on "Extras" then click on the menu option "Daemon Archives" and enter the password: adult
Click on the "Porn XXX Video Addons" and pick an add-on. Each one will need to be installed into your build, but it only takes a click of the mouse and a second to do.
If you don't need this locked, just highlight the "Daemon Archives" title in the menu, activate your context menu, choose "Edit Super Folder" enter the password, choose the "Remove Lock" option. You can also use the context menu to delete this option completely.
Using Kodi 18.8 with the Daemon Build 1.12 and Real Debrid
on an Nvidia Shield Pro with a 1080p 55" TV
Updates included in version 1.11

- Added the Sports Devil link to the Sports Add-on Widgets

- Reinstalled the Kiddo Add-on (which was in version 1.03) as I found a new source.
- Added the Kids Club Add-on which is packed with content for kids and adults who are kids at heart (like me).

- Removed the Music themed movies and replace it with the YouTube Music Add-on

- Added the National Geographic Add-on
Adult Links (Hidden behind the password protection so minors can't find it):
- Added guide to unlock Adult content in the video add-ons "The Crew" and "Numbers"
- Added a link to the Mirror's hidden Adult Content
- Removed one of the add-ons that died

- Redid widget icons for "Library Utilities" and "Trakt" as I wasn't happy with the way they looked.
- Forgot to add "Next Aired Episode" information feature to the current build. This is now active showing you when the next episode of your saved TV series will be broadcast.
- Switched the scraper in the Mirrorv2 video add-on from Lipton Module to the better, Open Scrapers for improved source results.
Using Kodi 18.8 with the Daemon Build 1.12 and Real Debrid
on an Nvidia Shield Pro with a 1080p 55" TV
Updates included in the future release of version 1.12 - Release date undetermined

Added Add-ons:
- Compass: by G-man (Now on version 1.3.1 in the G-Man Repo)
- Radio: an International Radio Station finder which also locates stations local to where you are

Replaced Add-ons:
- Kids Club will be replaced by Compass
- Several Music Add-ons will be replaced by Compass

Adult stuff
- Fixed Adult Hideout
- Added my own Dirty G IPTV add-on
Using Kodi 18.8 with the Daemon Build 1.12 and Real Debrid
on an Nvidia Shield Pro with a 1080p 55" TV
Daemon 1.12 with my Compass Add-on is now available.

I was able to trim the build size down while increasing content via Compass.
Using Kodi 18.8 with the Daemon Build 1.12 and Real Debrid
on an Nvidia Shield Pro with a 1080p 55" TV
Daemon in Development

I've been working on and off with the next version of my build.
These are the changes so far.

- Added to the Real Debrid setup widget:

Once you authorize Seren and Shadow for Real Debrid, I have included direct links to play downloaded Torrents.
If you can't source a show, you can search Torrent sites on-line, copy the Magnet link and download it directly into your Real Debrid account using the RD website. Both of these add-ons will display those files from your account.

After authorizing FEN for Real Debrid, you will have an option to check your RD account status though the FEN add-on. This way you can keep an eye on when your RD subscription is due to be renewed.
It also shows "Fidelity Points" in your account. 1000 Fidelity points can be converted to 30 days more of RD service using the RD website.

- Slight tweaks to the Sub Menu

I moved around some things in the System sub menu. Now it has the Favourites link as well as a link to Super Favourites.
I've use Super Favourites to create all my 1st row add-on widgets and to build my Utility menus. You can use this to customize your own version of my build. Just be warned any changes you make to the build will be deleted with any updates so keep a backup of your changes.
I moved Profiles to the "Extras" section. I don't know if anyone uses it but I know it's a pain in the butt to set up and not worth the effort in my personal opinion.

In "Extras" I cleaned up what is displayed when you click on "Extras", then created submenu options for "One Click" and "24/7" options. "One Click" has some nice add-ons for more defined categories of content which loads directly off a websites instead of going through scrapers to find a working link.

- Added a new Adult Add-on

For those who activate the hidden, password protected adult section, I dropped in another source add-on for you.
Daemon is still kid friendly as the adult add-ons don't get installed until you go through password authorization and install them.
If there are no kids in your home, you can enter the password and remove the password lock completely via the context menu.
Alternatively, if you don't want this in your Kodi, you can use the context menu to completely delete that section.

- Adjusted Openmeta and TMDB Helper Players lists

Tweaked the Players lists for both Openmeta and TMDB Helper. Seren with Real Debrid is now at the top because it gives you the best results when looking for sources. If you don't have Real Debrid you are really wasting your time with Kodi. I've kept the list of players limited to avoid redundancy. If these don't find sources for what you are looking for then nothing will. That's when you try looking for it on a Torrent website then instruct Read Debrid to download it into your account and play it with either Seren or Shadow.

- Reconfigured the Kodi Library

Currently, the Kodi Library is a bit messy to maintain if you don't use Trakt. I don't use Trakt myself, and hate it personally because I don't like putting my Kodi under the heavy load of being synchronized with another website, and needing to maintain that external website in addition to my Kodi.
I have reconfigured the installed add-ons which save to library so they all save to the same location within Kodi. Then I have configured the Backup utility to save this location and the main video Database file, to a backup file. After you define the location for the backup file, you can quickly back up your entire library. This makes it so much easier to do Build updates without losing your library.
I will be doing a bit more testing on this to make sure it doesn't cause any unforeseen issues.
Using Kodi 18.8 with the Daemon Build 1.12 and Real Debrid
on an Nvidia Shield Pro with a 1080p 55" TV

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