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Kodi 19 "Matrix"
I took a look at the new Kodi 19, just out of curiosity.
Currently, Kodi 19 is in "Alpha" state. That just means you can install it and run it, but it's not a finished product. When it gets to "Beta" the construction of the program will be complete and it's just a matter of catching as many bugs as possible.
After Beta, the program will be an RC (Release Candidate) which means it's released for public use as a finished product. That could still take a few months so don't look for Kodi 19 any time soon. Kodi 18.6 will be released first.

Overall, it looks the same. It's basically "the same car with a different engine".
Primarily, the biggest change is a complete rewrite of the Python code. Instead of the antiquated Python 2, it now uses Python 3.
I loaded my Midas Build to see what it would do and it did load the skin, but almost every add-on failed. The skin primarily uses XML files which still work, but anything with Python coding will need updating. My current Wizard failed to load as well, although I do have an updated version waiting to be completed when I have the time.
I can't test it enough to pass judgement, but hopefully it will run quicker than current Kodi.
The only issue that bothers me is losing some great add-ons that are no longer supported. Hopefully, some of the awesome developers out there take them on and fork them over to a new compatible coding for Kodi 19.
As for the currently supported add-ons, I am sure new compatible versions will be ready before Kodi 19 reaches it's RC status.
Using Kodi 18.7 with the Daemon Build 1.11
on an Android Box with a 1080p TV and a Windows PC

Streaming with Kodi since early 2017

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