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My picks for Add-ons
These are Add-ons I like, and use in my build. Of course there are many others and other people have their own top list of favourites. 
Some of them are "forks" of other add-ons, meaning a developer took the concept of another add-on and rebuilt it as their own version. The Exodus add-on is the most forked add-on for Kodi.

This add-on takes over from, and is a fork of, the old Metalliq add-on.
I like it because I can launch a video from Openmeta and choose which Video add-on I want to play it with. The advantage of this of course is the ability to find a working provider of that video quickly and easily. Movies aren't as difficult to find, but TV shows can be really difficult to play, especially the older episodes. This way I can go down a list instead of going in and out of multiple add-ons.
Openmeta doesn't contain it's own players so you must have at least one other video add-on to use Openmeta.
Note: It is believed that the developer of this add-on has retired. 

Openload aka the "Extended Info Mod" or EIM
This add-on gives you a Netflix like interface to find videos. It gives you details on what the video is about, who stars in it, any related videos and any trailors that may exist. You can also search and add to the Kodi Library for later viewing.
Openload requires Openmeta to work.

The Crew
I like this one for several reasons. It has a large menu within the add-on covering a wide range of subjects. It works well in finding sources of videos and is always getting updates. You can tell the developers of this add-on are working hard to make this the best add-on for Kodi. They also have a Wizard with a large assortment of Builds.

This add-on is a bit different from other add-ons. It generates good results in finding sources of videos.
When other add-ons stopped working due to a coding change in the TV DataBase (TVDB), Fen was one of the few that worked.
Another big reason I have this add-on is the way it uses the Openmeta/Openload created Library. It's my backup when Openmeta fails to work. That doesn't happen often, but long term Kodi users know all video add-ons can fail at any time for many reasons.

Exodus Redux
I like this one simply because it seems to find a lot of video sources when I want to watch one of my TV Shows.
The only issue with this one is it doesn't seem to be maintained any more. It's last update was Mar 13 2019 and Exodus has been taken over so many times it's hard to keep track of it's status. However, it still works will with what it has, so I still use it.

This isn't just another cookie cutter add-on. The developer of this add-on have set up a really nice menu of categories.

Scrubs v2
Another good add-on with a large list of categories.

This one doesn't impress me as much with what it offers, however I am impressed with the effort the developer puts into maintaining this add-on. It's constant updates make me feel confident in having it included in my build.

Lots to explore in this add-on and I like the way TV show and Movies are sorted into decades.

Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Cartoons, Sports, and Music makes this a hidden gem. It doesn't have the popularity of other add-ons but has a lot to offer. It reminds me of the old but very popular Deceit add-on (which no longer exists) and could be a fork.

Magic Dragon
A good variety of TV, Movies, Kids, Sports and Music categories. You could spend a lot of time browsing all this one has to offer.

Not only does she look good in a cat suit, this add-on is jam-packed with more categories than I can list. With 7of9 you also get Alpha Quadrant and Beta Quadrant, which in themselves have a lot to choose from. Take a day and explore this one.

If you have kids, this add-on is packed with links to keep them in front of the TV and out of trouble.

TONS of animated stuff in this for kids and adults. If you are looking for a good provider of Anime, this is your best add-on.

MP3 Streams
If you are a music lover, this is the add-on to get. You can build your own Library of music with this one from old to new.

This is a nice little add-on to access Vevo music videos.

I'm sure everyone has this add-on giving you access to YouTube videos and channels.

I often check out different add-ons to see what benefit they are to have in my build for me and for others. One that I am currently playing with is "Laplaza" by Cy4Root. It has a good variety of stuff and lets you choose from 3 different scrapers instead of just one normally found in add-ons. I like what Cy4Root creates, which includes other add-ons like "Mirror" and "Chucky".
I may just include Cy4Root's Repository in my next update.
Add-ons come and go because developers aren't making money off of them. Their only motivation is the fun of it and sometimes you have to give up what is fun to deal with more important things in life.
Using Kodi 18.5 with the Midas Build 1.03
on an Android Box with a 1080p TV and a Windows PC

Streaming with Kodi since early 2017

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