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  Daemon for Kodi 19 Matrix
Posted by: Gerald - 08-16-2020, 03:03 PM - Forum: The Daemon Build - No Replies

I imported my Daemon build over to Kodi 19 Matrix (Alpha version) to see what was compatible.
The skin worked for the most part as well as the TMDB-Helper add-on.
Since no other add-ons were available for Kodi 19 I couldn't do much with it.
Also since Super Favourites didn't work either, my add-on widgets didn't load.

I like the idea of a better coded Kodi program, but the real issue is all the add-ons we use are free developments by people just doing it for the fun of it. It takes real commitment to rebuild your project from the ground up with new coding. Some developers have abandoned their add-ons so unless someone else picks it up, we will lose a lot.
I guess my point is, don't be eager to jump onto Kodi 19 when it gets released because it will take time for new compatible add-ons to appear. I can't even upgrade my own add-on because I used a template that was only compatible to Kodi 18. I have no idea if that template will be updated since the developer hasn't done anything with it in 2 years.

I won't release a Kodi 19 version of my build until I have something that works as well as the current version. Until then I will be keeping a close eye on what's being released into the Kodi community. 

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  Android Box Reviews
Posted by: Gerald - 07-31-2020, 12:45 PM - Forum: Devices - No Replies

Trying to find a good Android box to use Kodi can be a bit confusing with all the mass produced stuff coming from China.
I started with a Windows PC to first learn Kodi.

MyGica (www.mygica.com)
Once I knew what Kodi could do, I purchased a MyGica box from Amazon
It was a great box, with an awesome remote but didn't stand the test of time. I couldn't update the operating system so I was stuck at Android 5. Even though it was sold as a 64 Bit device, I could only install the 32 bit version of Kodi.
It wasn't good for my blood pressure as I spent a lot of time waiting and waiting and waiting for things to load.
I got good use out of it for 4 years, but when the remote failed to turn on the box I had enough and moved on.

Pendoo X10
I grabbed a Pendoo box off Amazon to use in my office so when I worked on builds I could have the extra box to beta test new versions of what I was working on. I also wanted a backup in case my main box failed and left me without TV. Since I cut my cable long ago, Kodi is my only source of content to watch my TV, unless I pull out the old rabbit ears to get one channel.
I did not like this thing at all. The video looked crude and it seemed slower than the MyGica box.
If you look deeper into it, there are a ton of boxes made in China that are basically all the same but with different names on them.

Nvidia Shield
I've always wanted to get one of these as I've heard nothing but great things about it.
I considered these points;
1. Nvidia specializes in video for hard core gaming, so you know their product is a few steps above anyone else.
2. The Shield upgrades their operating system as needed so you have something that stays current.
3. Even though the it's the most expensive Android device for Kodi, I have saved around $4,800 in the last 4 years after cutting my cable. It made no sense to cheap out on the device I was using.
I ordered my Nvidia Shield Pro from Amazon, plugged it in and had multiple orgasms. The video quality is awesome, the speed is awesome and remote control is awesome. I can use the one simple remote to control both Shield and my TV. It's like using a smart TV instead of a TV with an external device.
Take it from a very frugal guy, it's not worth dealing with inferior devices if you cut your cable and only use Kodi for your TV.
You don't need the Pro version as the cheaper Shield TV is still a great option. I only went for the Pro because I am into everything Kodi right now and want to keep my options open for the extra features of the Pro version.
Using Kodi can get a bit frustrating but using an inferior device only multiplies your frustrations.

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  My experience
Posted by: Gerald - 07-19-2020, 12:45 PM - Forum: Devices - No Replies

I started using Kodi on a Windows 7 PC and I currently still use it to create builds and add-ons. I also use it to check out other builds and experiment with new add-ons. It's much easier manipulating Kodi files using the Windows file explorer.

After I learned how to use Kodi, I purchased an Android box from Amazon. The box itself was awesome, but lacked the ability to be upgraded so I was stuck with the Android 5 operating system. It also started doing weird things lately.

Recently, I got my hands on the ultimate device which is an Android TV Nvidia Shield Pro. Nvidia has a less expensive version which is the Shield TV, but since Kodi is my hobby and my leisure I decided to go all in.
Their is a LOT I love about this device, but the biggest is it's speed. I have spent countless hours waiting for Kodi to do things and if I wasn't a patient man I would have lost my mind by now. Although, many would argue I lost my mind a long time ago.

I also purchased a generic android box (the Pendoo X10 max) off Amazon about a year ago and basically flushed that money on a crappy box. Don't waste your money like I did.

I cut my cable and cancelled Netflix 4 years ago so Kodi is my every day entertainment.

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  Add-on sources
Posted by: Gerald - 07-10-2020, 07:08 PM - Forum: My Add-ons - No Replies

I will try to monitor the links in the add-ons but it's not unusual to lose a source which breaks my links.
If anyone has an issue, please let me know and will look into it.
The IPTV links are most unstable.

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  Dirty G - for Adults only
Posted by: Gerald - 07-10-2020, 07:05 PM - Forum: My Add-ons - No Replies

Dirty G 1.0 is now complete.

Seems to be a lot of fans of XXX rated stuff in Kodi so I pasted together a small add-on that uses IPTV streams of adult content.

This add-on will be added to Daemon 1.12 when it's released but will be located in the hidden, password protected directory.
It's also currently available within my repo if anyone wants to install it.

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  Compass Video/Audio Add-on
Posted by: Gerald - 06-20-2020, 02:17 PM - Forum: My Add-ons - Replies (2)

The Compass Add-on is now available in my Repository version 1.2
Some of you may catch the implied theme using "Compass" with "Daemon". Wink

The content includes:
- TV Shows
- Movies
- Sports Streams
- Music Videos
- IPTV Live Streams
- Kids & Family: TV shows, Movies, Live TV, Cartoons, and ANIME (English Dubbed)
Compass is "Family Friendly" but I can't control content such as overly violent Anime so always be aware of what your children are watching.

It's packed with content and uses the Universal Scrapers and the YouTube Add-on for finding sources. It also uses ResolveURL for Premium services like Real-Debrid. I pull directories from different on-line sites including TMDB.org, Animetoon, lastfm, Trakt.tv and YouTube.

This is an add-on template, so basically I create the links and the menu while the actual functions are performed by the template.
The template was also created for Kodi Leia only. I hope to get an updated template for Kodi 19 before it's released so I can make my Add-on compatible.

Missing from the Add-on is an "Add to Library" option in the Context Menu. I am hoping this feature becomes available for the template at some point in the near future. As an option, if you find a TV Show or Movie in Compass that you want to add to your Kodi Library, you can use the Context Menu and choose "Extended Info". This will launch the OpenInfo EIM which includes a save to Library option. When you exit, it will return back to Compass.

The add-on is intended as a new feature of my Daemon Build, but will run independently of my build. You can even go really bare bones and just use Compass in a fresh install of Kodi to watch it's content. However, I always recommend users to have at least 3 different video add-ons in their Kodi because different add-ons give different results.

This Add-on will be included in the future release of the Daemond Build version 1.12

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  New Repository Update
Posted by: Gerald - 06-20-2020, 01:16 PM - Forum: The G-Man Repository - No Replies

The G-Man Repository has now been updated to version 1.2

The Repository needed to be rebuilt with links for the Dependencies needed by my new Compass Add-on.
Kodi seems to be having an issue updating the repository so anyone currently using my Repo (Before June 20th 2020) can get the new version by using the File Manger to download the repository zip file (just like you did when you installed my repo the first time). This will not affect your current Kodi setup, it will only give you access to my new add-on.

When I update my Build, the Wizard will automatically install the newest repo with the build so updating the Repo is not a requirement, it's only an option.

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  What is a Build
Posted by: Gerald - 05-27-2020, 02:23 PM - Forum: Builds Builds Builds - No Replies

I've noticed some people don't really understand what a Kodi Build really is.
Simply put, everyone's Kodi uses a "build". It's just a matter of deciding if you want to create your own or install someone else's.
Kodi Build files are separate from the Kodi Program files so you can actually delete all your build files and start from scratch without deleting the Kodi program.
If you install Kodi, then install a video add-on, you have created your first "Build". A very basic Build, but it's a start.

For more details about Builds you can read my article in the Kodi section of this website: www.streamingave.com/kodi.html

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  Secret Adult Content
Posted by: Gerald - 05-26-2020, 12:55 PM - Forum: The Daemon Build - No Replies

The Daemon Build is installed as "Family Friendly" but it does contain an "Adult" (aka Porn) hidden and LOCKED section.

To access the Adult section:

Click on "Extras" from the main menu.
Inside you will find "Daemon Archives" in red. When you click on it, it will ask you for a password.
Type in the word: adult
Click done and you will get the Adult content menu.

The first option takes you to the Video Add-ons.
The Mirror is a standard add-on that is part of the build and has a hidden Adult section of it's own. The other add-ons are strictly Adult content and not preinstalled with the rest of the build. When you click on them you will be asked to install them. Once installed they will stay installed and accessible to anyone going into the list of installed Video Add-ons via the sub-menu "Add-ons" from the System screen. Just be aware of that if you have curious kids.

The second option shows you how to unlock the Adult content in other standard preinstalled video add-ons.
Read the password shown in green, then click on the link which will take you to that video add-on's configuration section where you enter the password. Once entered, the adult section of that add-on will be permanently unlocked and will be accessible to anyone browsing that add-on.

Removing the Password Protection OR Remove the entire Adult option:

Click on "Extras" from the main menu.
Inside you will find "Daemon Archives" in red. Highlight it and activate the Context Menu. If you don't know how to do that, see my guide: https://www.streamingave.com/guide/controls.html
From the Context menu, choose "Edit Super Folder". This will ask you for the password. Type in the word: adult
Another menu will appear allowing you to completely "Remove Super Folder", "Rename Super Folder" or "Remove lock".
If you Remove the lock, it deletes the password and will never ask you for it again.

If you Remove the folder, it will be erased completely from the build.

Please Note:
Installing any future updates to this build will reset the build so any of the above changes you make will need to be redone. Kodi currently does not have a process to easily do small updates. When you "update" the build, you are really deleting your build and installing a new version. Yes, sometimes progress sucks but I only do it to improve the build.

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  The Aeon Nox Silvo Skin
Posted by: Gerald - 05-22-2020, 12:18 PM - Forum: Skins for your Kodi - No Replies

The Aeon Nox: Silvo skin is a currently maintained skin developed by Mike Silvo and is a MOD of Aeon Nox 5 originally by BigNoid.
You can download and install it from: https://github.com/mikesilvo164/Aeon-Nox-SiLVO
You can also install it within Kodi by going into System --> Interface --> Skin --> Click on your current skin --> Get More

I chose this skin for my Daemon Build because it looks similar to the skin I was using with my Midas Build. However, this skin is current and has a more advanced Widget system. The Developer also has a version ready for Kodi 19 which is needed moving forward.
I like the layout with ease of access to everything and also the ease to customize the look. When I use Kodi I want to turn it on and start using it without maneuvering through a complex or overly graphical menu system.

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