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Full Version: The Aeon Nox Silvo Skin
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The Aeon Nox: Silvo skin is a currently maintained skin developed by Mike Silvo and is a MOD of Aeon Nox 5 originally by BigNoid.
You can download and install it from:
You can also install it within Kodi by going into System --> Interface --> Skin --> Click on your current skin --> Get More

I chose this skin for my Daemon Build because it looks similar to the skin I was using with my Midas Build. However, this skin is current and has a more advanced Widget system. The Developer also has a version ready for Kodi 19 which is needed moving forward.
I like the layout with ease of access to everything and also the ease to customize the look. When I use Kodi I want to turn it on and start using it without maneuvering through a complex or overly graphical menu system.